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Every question we ask deserves particular attention and every answer we receive should effectively support your decision.
We offer individual consulting and market research tailored specifically to your requirements.
We will answer your questions on the basis of a comprehensive spectrum of methodologies – whether quantitive or qualitative, a telephone survey, or a studio test, whether a focus group, or exploration, a survey at the point of sale, or on your exhibition stand.
We have particular skills in the areas of international and online market research.
You have questions for your customers?
You would like to carry out a market research study?
If this is the case, then take up our Full Service offer.
You’re looking for a market researcher for a given time?
You need some short-term back-up for a market research project? Then this is where we can offer rapid support on a Freelance basis.
We offer particularly specialised know-how in games and games media market research.
What can we do for you?
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